Thursday, January 8, 2009

Countdown To Europe

I may get teased by my friends who are better traveled than I am. But, I don’t care. I can’t help but to be excited about my upcoming trip to Europe. I am counting down the days until I take my 4th flight across the big ocean. I must wait 66 days more until my big day arrives.

Yes, that’s right. My friends who are more “well traveled” than I am have either lived in Europe or have visited Europe numerous times. All this experience with culture makes me the “inexperienced” one.

In my mind Europe is still the beautiful place where I am happiest at my core. I’ve been to major cities in the US like New York, San Francisco, Miami etc. and I’ve had my share of the Caribbean. But it is the European cities that claim my heart and I give it willingly. If I ever had the opportunity to live there, I'd jump at it. With my eyes open of course.

What I am the most enthusiastic about is being able to blog from Europe. This will be a new experience for me. Usually, I take a travel journal along with me and write down thoughts as I am experiencing them. And those thoughts are just for me to enjoy. And now, on this upcoming trip in March I will be able to blog as our trip progresses and share our adventures with all those who want to follow us through our journey in Europe.

The journey starts March 16, 2009, just 66 days away.