Thursday, April 10, 2008

Delicious and Nutritious

Spring is here and so is the season for fresh fruit. Take a closer look at what some of your favorite fruits can do for you besides offer a delicious treat. Eating a fresh bowl of fruit is just another day in a European style life.

Blueberries – Blueberries not only have a lot of flavor but are also loaded with antioxidants and nutrients and are low in calories. Blueberries are in season May through October but can usually be purchased throughout the year depending on where you live. They are high in Vitamin C, Manganese and Dietary Fiber.

HINT: Blueberries are the sweetest after being left out in room temperature.

Raspberries – A mixture of sweet and tart are these magenta little gems of flavor. Raspberries are high in Manganese, Vitamin C, Vitamin B2 and Dietary Fiber. They are in season June through October. Raspberries possess almost 50% higher antioxidant activity than strawberries, three times that of kiwis, and ten times the antioxidant activity of tomatoes.

HINT: Raspberries taste great in Greek Style Honey Yogurt (I like the Trader Joe's brand) with a little drizzle of honey.

Strawberries – Deep in color and flavor, strawberries are one of the most popular fruits in the world. They are high in Vitamin C, Manganese, Dietary Fiber, and Potassium and are low in calories. Strawberries are in season April through July, though likely available year round. In addition to strawberries that are cultivated, there are also varieties that grow wild. Wild strawberries are much smaller in size, but supply a more intense flavor.

Pineapple – Exceptionally juicy and a little tangy is the tropical pineapple. They are high in Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, and Vitamin B6. The season for pineapples is March through June. The fruit closer to the base of the pineapple has more sugar content and has a sweeter taste and softer texture.

It’s the time of year when our favorite fruits are in season. Enjoy fresh fruit on warm sunny days and a happier, healthier way of life. And for a bit of decadence, why not add fresh fruit to your favorite ice cream? If you have recipes that include fruit, please share them in the comments section of this article.

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