Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Having A Paris Day in California

Paris in all seasons is an amazing city. I have never seen Paris with snow before, but I imagine it’s breathtaking as the Parisians stroll the streets that are already so picturesque. For now, while I am still in Los Angeles, awaiting my flight to Paris in the spring, I listen to the rain and enjoy the cloudy days that whisk me away to the sights and sounds of Paris.

I love the sound of rain hitting metal railings. I adore the scent of fresh rain on the walkway. I welcome the little chill that you get when you adjust your scarf. All of these senses take me to a place that is only possible to experience in Europe. I generally visit Europe during the spring and so I benefit from the few last rainfalls of the year. What could be better that sitting in a Paris café sipping coffee while a great down pour occurs outside? Yes, when one visits Paris, one must have rain.

Suggestion: For a real Paris feel listen to the song called “Azure-Té” by Karrin Allyson. I am listening to the song as I write this article.


DeeLight said...


It's supposed to rain this weekend (and for the next couple of days), which I LOVE. You can already see the clouds moving in. This morning, as I was walking down the street, it was just so crisp. I felt like I was in Paris again.


Phil & Jessica said...

I need some suggestions on how to have a Paris moment in Africa, during the rainy season in the rainforests of Liberia. :)