Thursday, December 6, 2007

How To Be European in the US

Here is my fun list of ways to immerse European lifestyle into your daily routine in the United States. I'd like to hear your ideas of how to live Euro style. Post a comment if you so feel inclined.

1.Act nonchalant about things you really enjoy.
2.Go for a short walk in the afternoon.
3. Say “ooh la la” instead of “wow”.
4. Watch American movies with French subtitles.
5. Say “ah-hah” when someone says something interesting.
6. Pucker your lips, raise your shoulders and shake your head slightly when someone asks you a question you don’t know the answer to.
7. Own a scooter.
8. Own a copy of the soundtrack from “Amelie”.
9. Drink wine with lunch and dinner.
10. Greet your friends with a kiss on each cheek.
11. Answer your phone by saying “salut”.
12. Eat fresh fruit as a snack.
13. Sit at a restaurant for 3 hours during dinner and always order coffee at the end.
14. Walk to a nearby store and buy a baguette and fresh flowers.
15. Use regular sugar in your coffee and not Equal or Sweet N Low
16. Set the table even if you are only having cereal and toast.
17. Ride your bicycle in a cute outfit, preferably a skirt or a dress if you’re a girl.
18. Eat your fries using a fork with mayonnaise instead of ketchup.
19. Always wear high heels with your jeans if you are a girl.
20. Go to museums and botanical gardens on Saturdays and Sundays dressed as if you were going out to a nice dinner.
21. Drink water out of a wine glass.
22. Do not use ice in your drinks (even in the summer).
23. Do not use deodorant.
24. Eat and enjoy stinky cheese.
25. Ask for “Coke Light” instead of “Diet Coke”.
26. When ordering at a restaurant start your order by saying “I’ll take….”
27. Do not talk loudly on your cell phone.
28. Love soccer.
29. Hate Lance Armstrong.
30. Listen to French music instead of American.
31. You’ve visited Versailles but have never been to the White House.
32. Ride the metro, ride your bike or walk more than you use your car.
33. Have multiple hats and scarves in your closet.
34. Know the words to “La Vie En Rose”.
35. Always have at least one Paris metro ticket or coin in your wallet at all times.
36. Have an ample supply of Nutella in the cupboard.
37. Use the phrase “C’est la vie” liberally.
38. Name your dog “Fi Fi”.
39. Have friends that live in France and other parts of Europe.
40. Call your friends by their would be names in French.
41. Check the weather in Paris frequently.
42. Know more about the French Revolution than you do about the American Revolution.
43. Have at least two Eiffel Towers in your house.
44. Visit a Farmer's Market at least once a month, if not every week.


Phil & Jessica said...

Hey I'm doing pretty good for someone who has never been to Europe! I've got the Nutella in my cabinet, visit the farmers market almost every Saturday, and I ALWAYS act nonchalant about the stuff I enjoy. And I personally love the soundtrack to French Kiss, myself. (I typed that nonchalantly, of course.) How about this one: Always sit outside if the restaurant has outdoor seating. And if it doesn' it really worth eating there? XXOOXX- Jessica

Labour of Love said...

ooh la la...mon ami! what a wonderful, sweet and delightful post...i've never ventured out to Europe or the city I constantly dream about...Paris...but your "How to be European in the US" list truly makes me want to jump on a plane and try this lifestyle out...I have tried a few of your tips...everyday, I listen to sweet French music-last fm or French internet radio (Something's gotta give soundtrack is phenomenal and I also love French Kiss' soundtrack too!) and to date, I have about half a dozen Eiffel Towers in my house! How about this for a European lifestyle: wearing the cutest beret there is, a fashionable, soft wrap + warm sweater dress, with a simple yet classy belt, warm, earthy toned tights and sexy yet comfy high-heeled boots, all the whilst holding your twin adorable pixie-cut gal or page boy in their white-peter pan collared crisp school shirt, dark blue skorts or short (for the lil' boy) navy blue vests, black berets, black mary janes or black buckled shoe for boy, each wearing dark blue peacoats...while holding their belted books + tin lunch cans...oh yes, and 2 pan de chocolat for Madam that's some kind of living...

what a fantastic post! really enjoy your posts and your fabulous vicariously through your eyes is... magical!

can't wait to see and hear about your upcoming trip to France...oh, calgon take me away...xo jo ;)

Your Pal, J Hard said...

Tres bien! (i don't know french)