Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Identity Crisis

I think it is interesting that there are millions of people everyday ordering coffee at local coffee houses, Starbucks, Peet’s Coffee and Coffee Bean. Many of these places choose to get personal with their customers by calling out coffee orders using the customer’s name.

My name (Parlene—that’s right, with a “P”, it’s not a typo) being far from common is always botched. On a boring day I might just order my coffee and croissant and use the name D-arlene. Nothing too complicated. But on those days when I’m feeling pretty good I like to try names that are a bit bold. I’ve tried a variety of names. Everything from London to Paris to Madeleine. I like to use European cities as different names from time to time. Other times I use my friend’s names, even if they are standing right next to me.

It occurred to me that I may not be alone in my quest for unique and exotic names. I am taking a guess that about 75% of people don’t use their real names when placing orders or whatever it may be that beckons giving a name.

I once was very surprised when a friend who calls herself “shy” boldly gave the name “Lola”! The next time you enter a coffee bar and declare your name, think of something foreign or zany. And when your fascinating name is called out, walk tall and proud!

I’m interested in hearing what names people are inventing for themselves. Leave a comment on my blog and give your real name and your favorite fake name to use. Thanks for sharing.


DeeLight said...

I have actually never done that- used an alias while ordering coffee...but maybe I should.


Deanna said...

people always think my name is diana instead of deanna, which is guess is an honest mistake (although very irritating!)

my "fake name" is monique. i'm not sure why i picked it or when it even started...but people always get it right!

now i think i need to pick a better one...hmmm :)