Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Helpful Housewarming Hints

In about 3 weeks Deanna and I will be hosting a Housewarming party for a dear friend Audrey. With as much event planning as I have done in the past, this is actually my first time hosting a Housewarming party.

While most of the elements of the party remain a surprise for our friend, I’d like to open a forum of ideas that others have used. After the party I will post a write-up on how I conducted my first Housewarming party.

Additionally, Audrey, needs a little help to get ready for her party. With the party only being three weeks away she still does not know what she’s going to wear. Notice the poll on the right side bar and vote to help Audrey to look her best for her party. Audrey has great sense of style so she can pull any one of these looks right out of her closet. Please feel free to submit any comments below. Hosting parties and planning the perfect outfit is just another day in a European Style Life.

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