Tuesday, July 15, 2008

McDonald's Ice Coffee - Sugar Free and 0 Calories

With gas prices continuously going up many of us are revaluating our everyday purchases. I wonder, do I really need that $4.00 Ice Coffee? Is it worth driving out of my way to get one? The simple answer is “yes”! Here is an economical way to get your java fix. After sampling two “fast food” options for Ice Coffee, here is what I found.

I decided to try the Ice Coffee at McDonalds after receiving a coupon in the mail for a free Ice Coffee. While I normally stay away from fast food restaurants, who can resist the opportunity to try a new product for free? So off I went to the nearest McDonalds on my way to work. I had four choices and two different sizes to choose from. Flavors are regular, hazelnut, vanilla, and sugar free vanilla. Sizes are medium (16oz) and large (20oz). I selected the medium sugar free vanilla Ice Coffee. McDonald's medium Ice Coffee goes for $1.89. Not a bad bargain.

Now comes the most important part, the taste test. Straw in and first taste...Yum! Delightful. Love at first sip. And since I chose the sugar free vanilla, my Ice Coffee has zero calories. Another win! Voila, finally an affordable cup of coffee with great taste.

I later decided to try the rival’s Ice Coffee at Jack-in-the-Box. They sell their small coffee for $1.79 (12oz) and $1.99 (16oz). I figured that if McDonalds could get it right then there is no reason why Jack-in-the-Box couldn’t get it right either. So again I tried another fast food Ice Coffee as I passed over the local Starbucks.

I received my Ice Coffee and took my first sip. Wow, this was far from good. I asked the employee for 5 creams and 1 equal. I arrived at work and attempted to “fix” my coffee. First, I added in the cream and then ½ a packet of Equal. Yikes! Still terrible. Determined not to waste my money I tried adding flavored creamer. No improvement. The Ice Coffee was still bitter. I reached the conclusion that my $1.79 was not worth the trouble and dumped it out. Another lesson learned.

All in all, I recommend the Ice Coffee from McDonalds. It is a lot of bang for your buck. Also, I enjoyed the drink so much that I decided to bring in a few extra for my co-workers, priced at $1.89, I can afford to do that. They too love the Ice Coffee. Enjoying “Ice Coffee” on a hot summer day is maybe one of the least common things that I could do in a European Style Life. But who am I fooling? I am American and I love ice!

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