Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Daily Excercise

In this day and age every person I know is on a non-stop routine that leaves little time for anything but necessities. So I decided to put exercising near the top of my list and make it a priority. I have finally begun an exercise program that seems to be feasible for me.

As I enter week 3 of my new routine, I wonder why it took me so long to make this commitment to myself. I now exercise 4 times a week for 3o minutes. In addition, my daily goal is to take 10,000 steps. This totals up to 3.5 miles per day. This is no easy task since I work in an office and stare at a computer all day long.

I am now more aware of getting up and moving around. I use every opportunity as a way to help me reach my 10,000 step daily goal. I purchased a pedometer for $9.99 which helps me track steps taken, calories burned and miles walked. It's fascinating.

Getting a daily dose of exercise is just another day in my European Style Life.

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