Saturday, November 14, 2009

Parlene Loves Paris

"I love Paris, why, oh why, do I love Pairs?" These are part of the lyrics to the song "I Love Paris" que nous savons bien. As I take time to reflect on my recent trip to Europe back in April of this year, I realize that it was only 6 months ago that I was in my favorite city in the world, Paris.

Many things around me have changed since then and I realized that it was time to bring a little more Frenchiness back into my life. My husband agreed with me and so we picked up this little dream to add to our French decorated home. I may not be able to go to Paris tomorrow, but I can bring Paris to me tonight. We fell in love with this framed photo we found at Ikea. This motif was photographed by Jean-Marc Charles.

With this simple addition to our home we found ourselves staring longingly at the photo on our wall. We remembered when the view was real and within our grasp. In the spring, on our last night in Paris my husband promised to bring me back to France. We cuddled up on a bench and admired the Eiffel Tower from afar and heard the sounds of Paris. We lingered for about an hour and then walked the long way back to our hotel. A perfect night and a perfect end to our 5 weeks in Europe.

Back at home, after my husband hung the photo on the wall I lit a candle and put on a compilation CD of my favorite French songs which I created myself. Sitting in my living room, staring at the Eiffel Tower on my wall is just another day in my European Style Life.

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