Friday, December 11, 2009

My Paris Apartment in Los Angeles - Living Room

I may not have an apartment in Paris, but that certainly will not stop me from having a Paris Apartment. Having a Paris apartment is a state of mind in my opinion. And I can tell you that I am definitely in a European frame of mind. I recently redecorated my living room, kitchen and bathroom. Now, my little home reflects my European day dreams.

I love the look of my "new" apartment. My "apartment" actually is not an apartment but more of a back house. I took inspiration from a few of my favorite decorating styles and some helpful hints from my sister's apartment. Selecting colors for paint is nearly half the battle. My brother-in-law helped me pick out some colors via telephone and email. Viola! We were ready to get started.

We used paint by Dunn Edwards. The living room is painted "Teracotta Sand" with "Shortbread" for the trim.
It took 2 days with the help of my mother to paint the living room and kitchen. And then I painted the bathroom on my own on another day. It was an exhausting experience. With a few trips to Home Depot, Target, Marshall's, Ross and Bed, Bath and Beyond I am happy I painted and even happier that it is over!

I simply adore my extra large art work of not only the Eiffel Tower, but of the city of Paris. In this picture you can see the Seine and it's beautiful bridges. I can't tell you how many times I am watching TV and end up drifting off and gazing at my beautiful picture of Paris. Maybe this view of Paris is not right outside my window, but it will have to do for now.

We even added 2 clocks to our wall for a total of 3. We keep track of the time in Paris, Los Angeles and Tokyo. At any given moment we are aware of the time of day for the Parisians.

Gazing into the distance at the lights of Paris is just another day in my European Style Life. In Los Angeles that is.

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