Friday, December 11, 2009

Paris Apartment in Los Angeles - Kitchen

When we went to Europe earlier this year we spent 3 weeks in the South of France. I had visited the south before, but this time we experienced something truly different. We stayed with friends in Bordeaux and were able to experience the daily life of the people. The friends we stayed with lived in houses and apartments that were gorgeous. Not expensive or over done, but simply lovely.

We fell in love with the decor and culture of the south and so it was easy to decide to bring a little of it into our home here in Los Angeles. Again, we used Dunn Edwards paint. The kitchen is painted "Apricot Glow" with "Whisper" for the cabinets and trim.

I am thrilled that while the Eiffel Tower is not outside my window, I can see the Eiffel Tower each time I am washing the dishes. How is that for fantastic?

From our previous trips to Europe we brought back table linens that work well with our new South of France decor. I love mixing the yellow with the different shades of blue and red. We even found a few wall accents that say "Bordeaux"!

Our dishes -a wedding present- match our new decor. In addition, our Eiffel Tower wine glasses -a 1o year anniversary present- bring our French dream to life.

Being surrounded by hues of yellow, blue and red is just another day in my European Style Life.

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DeeLight said...

The kitchen looks great...I don't remember that yellow paint that last time I was there, but I could just be spacing's very me to space out.