Saturday, December 12, 2009

Paris Apartment in Los Angeles - Bathroom

One of my favorite styles of decor is Shabby Chic. I am drawn to how it ties together old country with a bit of French elegance and the use of "distressed" items. The soft tones of pastels that are used in Shabby Chic rooms remind me of the days of Versailles when Marie Antoinette herself redecorated her apartments with pastel blues and pinks.

The bathroom is painted "Windwood Spring" (by Behr Premium Plus Paint) with "Shortbread" (from Dunn Edwards) for the trim. I forgot to take "before" pictures of the bathroom, so you will just have to take my word that it is quite an improvement.

We purchased the shower curtain from Bed, Bath and Beyond. Interestingly, Bed, Bath and Beyond has a few choices should you decide to decorate your bathroom with a French theme. I like the shower curtain because it reminds me of something that I would find at my favorite store Anthropologie. At Anthropologie you can find all sorts of cute items to decorate with--that is, if you are not shopping for clothes of course. I further enhanced my bathroom by creating my own French themed ribbon for decorating boxes and hanging pictures.

I was very fortunate when I made a trip to Ross and found the most beautiful Shabby Chic Chandelier wall art. It matches perfect with the bathroom and brought the whole concept together. What are the odds that I would find these pictures with the exact colors that I was looking for? I struck gold!

I am enjoying my new bathroom. It feels very tranquil and fresh. It is soft, pleasant and welcoming. Enjoying my Paris Apartment (sigh, in Los Angeles) is just another day in my European Style Life.


Jess said...

The apartment looks FABulous, Parlene! I love the colors. I have always been a fan of theme decorating when its not terribly overdone. I think you have achieved that. Good for you!

Parlene Paris said...

Thanks so much for the compliment!