Thursday, February 25, 2010

Vintage and Retro -

I can think of several occasions when I have been watching a movie such as "The Notebook" or "500 Days of Summer" and being in love with the wardrobe. I would see all the pretty dresses that had such style and flare and think to myself "I'll never own of those". Where do you even begin to try to find such clothes?

Yes, you can make it your life's mission to rummage through thrift shops and garage sales or hope one day grandma will remember a treasure trunk in the attic full of her old classic dresses. But realistically, it takes a lot of work and time to find retro clothes. And when you do find them, is it the right size? Blah.

Worry no more. I have stumbled onto a website where all they sell is retro style and true vintage clothing and accessories! My heart skipped a beat when I found this site as I was playing around on

The website is called Mod Cloth. There were so many beautiful things to choose from. Adorable little dresses, handbags and of course HATS! It was love at first site. I spent hours navigating the web site. Clicking here, looking there. And to my delight there was a wide variety of sizes available.

The first thing I ordered was a Vespa bag. I had purchased my first one in Paris and paid a pretty little European penny for it too. The Vespa bags are made in Italy and I thought it would be near impossible to find another one outside of Europe. To my surprise, I located one on

With so many things items to choose from it is hours of fun and temptation. Enjoy!

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