Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Shabby Chic Clothes Pins by Parlene

It is a well known fact that most European homes and apartments do not have a clothes dryer. After staying in France for five weeks we found creative methods and places to hang our clothes. Literally, all over the apartment. On the stairs, over chairs, over doors, the bed railings, well you get the idea.

The upside to this experience was that the explosion of clothing in the house challenged my creativity. I began to think that if my unmentionables must be displayed all over the house, why not add some flair?

Decorative clothes pins are the answer! Now, when clothes have to be hung inside the house or apartment, I can enjoy shabby chic decorated clothes pins. Hmmm. Maybe I will look forward to the laundry circus each week after all. But alas, I live in California and I DO have a dryer! C'est magnifique! Even so, I have items that I never put into the dryer.

These cute and practical clothes pins actually have multiple uses.

Just to name a few...
Closing treat bags (ie. cookies, coffee, bon bon et cafe etc.)
Hanging lingerie
Seating Card Holders
Party Favors
Save the Date cards
Bridal gifts
File organization
Office Decoration

Hanging my lingerie with shabby chic clothes pins is just another day in my European Style Life.

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