Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Europe Travel Essentials

Traveling to Europe makes any girl happy. But recently, I was able to find a bit more happiness when I was given a Kate Spade Cosmetic Case as a departing gift. Whimsical navy blue polka dots decorate my new favorite traveling accessory. Kate Spade possesses the savoir-faire and gives bountiful pockets that are beautifully lined with contrasting stripes in navy blue. Far too cute to be hidden away in my carry-on, I am conspiring a way to make my traveling cosmetic case a part of my on-flight outfit.

Generously included with my cosmetic case were some Europe essentials. One of the items is a traveling favorite of mine, Leg Lifts by Origins has saved my tired legs and feet many times. Now, whenever I travel to Europe I take along the undoubtedly needed Leg Lifts. After returning to my hotel after a long day of sight seeing and museum strolling, Leg Lifts does the trick. This amazing product includes invigorating Menthol, Cypress, Peppermint and Cedar wood. Ah, feel the cool tingle!

All of these lovely gifts are assisting me in getting one step closer to boarding my Air France flight. Kate Spade bag? Check! Leg Lifts? Check! Passport? Check!

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