Friday, March 20, 2009

Shopping In Paris

Today the weather was great! It was a brisk 50 degrees and sunny in Paris. All the Parisians were out to play and enjoy the warm sun. We enjoyed walking on the Boulevard Haussman. We have been to Paris 3 times before but have never visited the Gallerie LaFayette. It is a shopping paradise.

Les Gallerie LaFayette has everything your heart could desire, but with prices that will give you a heart attack. Fortunately for us, we happened to be here during their annual 3 day sale. Most sales or "solde" do not happen until the summer time in Paris. But as we were here during their "3J" we were able to indulge in an otherwise "tres cher" shopping area.

I enjoyed trying on (not purchasing) a beautiful hat that was priced at 300 euro. C'est tres jolie, mais tres cher. But I had fun trying it on anyway. Even the shoes at a reduced price were 100-355 euro on sale! I've never seen such beautiful things! It made for great "window shopping".

Enjoying a sunny day window shopping in Paris is just another day in my European style life.

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